We urge you to join our campaign to fight against the cuts in social care and support and for a radical change in the way social care is delivered. You can join as an individual member for £5 per year which entitles you to attend Reclaim Social Care meetings, and to vote. You can also affiliate as an organisation according to the size/funding of your organisation which entitles you to send two voting delegates to our meetings. Member and affiliates will receive communication about our events and policy discussions.
 We are flexible about the affiliation fee to take account of the funds that organisation may have available. The guideline scale of annual affiliations is:

  • £150 to £250 for well-funded national or regional organisations,
  • £10 to £50 for local campaigns, small limited funded organisations
  • Individual membership fee is £5 per year.

We also need funds for the campaigning work including leaflets, posters, and room hire for meetings.  Please consider providing a donation in addition to your affiliation fee.





Please email reclaimsocialcare@gmail.com to let us know when you have made a payment by PayPal or BACS so that we can track who the payments are from.