Reclaim Social Care is a non-party-political coalition campaigning for all social support, independent living and care services to be free, democratic, funded through progressive taxation, based on independence for all who want it.

Social care must be brought into the public sector. We want well-supported staff with career progression and support for carers, paid and not paid.

We support a National Independent Living Service. The social care element of Disabled people’s right to independent living will be administered through a new national independent living service managed by central government, but delivered locally in co-production with Disabled people. It will be provided on the basis of need, not profit, and will not be means tested. It will be independent of, but sit alongside, the NHS and will be funded from direct taxation.






  RSC group photo


Why "Reclaim"?  "Reclaim"  means "to bring back, as from error, to a right and proper course; reform". The campaign isn't saying that there was a golden age of support, but rather that the principles of the Welfare State are still valid and that people of all ages are entitled to live meaningful lives with dignity and respect. 

We want to ensure that people have the right care and support they need, but not "care" that fosters unecessary dependency and paternalism, but rather seeks to:    Challenge, Advocate, Reform and Empower